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Chocolate fashion show opens the 6th Brussels Chocolate Salon


Published by Admin March 06,2023

A top chocolate fashion show will kick off the 6th  Brussels Chocolate  Salon on the evening of February 21, and more than 130 chocolate producers, distributors, dessert chefs, pastry chefs, fashion designers, etc. will be fully immersed during the three-day exhibition. Presenting the rich content of Belgian chocolate.

 Brussels Chocolate

The Chocolate Fashion Show is the highlight of the Brussels Chocolate Salon. This year, fashion designers and chocolate makers have teamed up to create 15 sets of chocolate fashions. The various shapes of chocolate decoration and fashion are perfectly combined to present a visual feast of chocolate aroma. Part of the proceeds from this year's catwalk show will be donated to a Belgian charity that specializes in leukemia and cancer research.

The theme of this year's chocolate salon is “All delicious comes from nature”: “Delicious” is because different varieties of cocoa, different origins, different processing methods will create different flavors of chocolate; “Nature” is natural, pure and sustainable. It is the most important quality of today's consumers.

 Brussels Chocolate

At the “Pastry Show” booth, every hour, a chocolate master and his team introduced the exclusive production secrets and shared various chocolate dishes with the audience. In the chocolate hand-baking workshop, there are professional dessert masters who teach the audience and hand-practice the unique skills. The organizers also opened a chocolate class for children, teaching children to make chocolates and helping them understand the fun of cocoa beans.

This year's Chocolate Salon specially invited producers from cocoa origins such as Cameroon, Ecuador, Peru, Madagascar and Dominica to give viewers a better understanding of chocolate from the source. Visitors can not only see a variety of "healthy" chocolates here, but also see some new products such as chocolate-based skin care products and masks.

It is reported that this year's Chocolate Salon will hold the first chocolate international forum on the 22nd. Industry insiders from all over the world will discuss in depth how to make the cocoa crop industry sustainable and the innovation and trend of the chocolate industry.

Chocolate, diamonds and beer are also called the three “national treasures” of Belgium. At this year's chocolate salon, the famous Belgian beer brand also brought two beers for visitors to enjoy the chocolate tasting experience.

 Brussels Chocolate

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