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The most luxury Chocolate boxes


Published by Admin June 11,2022

If you've been invited to spend time with friends or family over any festival, you'll be the most welcome guest to the party if you turn up not just with chocolate but with the most indulgent,luxurious, festive chocolate on offer. Here's INDEPENDENT's pick of the best luxury chocolate boxes for 2018.

Class Chocolate Cabinet, 90g, Hotel Chocolate

Chocolate boxes

For quality, variety and flavours, eyecatching presentation and sheer indulgent joy, Hotel Chocolate is the pick of the bunch. A lasvish array of delicious chocoaltes is presented in a luxurious two-tiered box with a sliding compartment - definite reuseable Chocolate boxes once the sweet stuff is finished. 

Milk & Dark Chocolate boxes, 460g, Fortnum & Mason

Chocolate boxes


The elegant Chocolate boxes with gold detailing will create a wow factor when you bad it over. And the wow factor continues when the box is opened to reveal a beautiful colour illustration inside the cover. Twenty-five varieties are on offer, an excellent choice for a box of this size. There are simple and elegant chocolate that don't mix overpowering flavours; a good choice for refined palette.

Rose & Violet Cremes, 245g, Prestat

Chocolate boxes

Luscious layers of wrapping paper revealed one of the prettieset presentations we've seen, attractive large dark chocolate squares alternately topped with dried rose and violet pieces. This one is a bit of a feast for the senses.

Dark chocolate casing gives way to an inner crispy shell, oozing rich cream filling, flavoured with violet and rose. There were groans of appreciation around the table. With the elegant Chocolate boxes, it's a great chocolate hit and the floral notes bring something a little bit different. 

Dancing Ballerina Milk sea Salt caramel Truffles, 245g, Charbonnel & Walker

Chocolate boxes

The ribbon united to reveal the dancing fairies illustrated on the Chocolate boxes, which is beautifully designed with gold detail on a deep green backgroud - a keepsake for a little girl to keep her treasures in. Very sweet, very gooey, very rich and very very tasty.


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