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Ruby chocolate Bar


Published by Admin March 06,2023

What is ruby ​​chocolate? Ruby chocolate is made from ruby ​​cocoa beans and is produced in a special and proprietary way to produce pink chocolate. Actually there is no added color, but the natural tones

Ruby chocolate

What is ruby ​​chocolate? In the fall of 2017, Swiss cocoa company Barry Callebaut launched a Ruby Chocolate Kit Kat Bar in Asia. This is the introduction of the world's fourth chocolate (black, milk and white is the other three) of ruby ​​cocoa. Ruby chocolate slowly passes through Asia and Europe, Britain, and now the United States

Is ruby ​​cocoa a new cocoa bean? Ruby chocolate is still made from one of the three existing genotypes. When you search Barry Callebaut's website, you will find that ruby ​​cocoa beans are unique and have a specific set of attributes. Through an innovative process, they can unravel the naturally occurring berry-like fruity and color precursors. Ruby cocoa beans grow in Ecuador, Brazil and Ivory Coast.

Ruby chocolate

What is the taste of ruby ​​chocolate? Chocolate The main flavor of the 34% ruby ​​bar is sour berries, even if no berry flavor is added. Chocolate is both sweet and sour. This is butter and butter. You can definitely find the essence of cocoa butter, just like you eat white chocolate. The aftertaste is a combination of sweetness and milky white, and finally a hint of berries suddenly appears.

When you try, you will find that this is perhaps the most unusual chocolate ever eaten. I don't even want to call it chocolate. However, it is indeed made from cocoa and cocoa butter! Just like the flavor we used when we first explored white chocolate, it has a similar feeling.

White chocolate is a popular innovation in chocolate, and it has been 80 years old. Now it's the turn of Ruby chocolate.

Ruby chocolate

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