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Love is in every mouth


Published by Admin June 11,2022

In the four seasons that have been soaked in chocolate, each heart needs a companionship. In the taste of chocolate, fill it with a mouthful of love.


Every love has a different ingredient list. Some have to be romantic and follow their own unique tastes. The love of the hazelnut flavor Mocha adds a bit of a sweet flavor to the chocolate in the sweetness of the chocolate. Fall in love with every bite of rich, silky and delicate.

And there is some love, it is 100% romantic. Look for a delicate heart, read the verses you recited in the early morning, and whisper in the middle of the night. French-style chocolate cake, although the surface is undulating, but a soft, silky feeling, so that love can not be said.


There are still some feelings that are slightly "greedy". I hope that the other half will have both a value and a gentleness, and they will be high-scoring players in different aspects of life. Chocolate Danish Crisp, soft and fragrant inside, crisp and multi-layered, not satisfying your "greed".

And some love only happened in an unexpected encounter, only because of the good weather, sweet-scented osmanthus around the fingertips. Attracted by the chocolate bar of the fragrant chocolate Muffin, it has been deeply immersed in the soft and rich taste.
Amy Murphy, let your love full marks.


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