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Is Chocolate Bad for Your Teeth ?


Published by Admin June 11,2022

This may first appear a silly question to ask your dentist. Popular opinion would answer it with a resounding, "Yes, chocolate is bad for your teeth. Obviously." However, some dental office has a slightly different position when it comes to chocolate and your oral health.

dark chocolate

Chocolate's Secret Benifit for Happy Teeth

For years you've been hearing dentists talk about avoiding swets or enjoying them in moderation since they tend to wreak havoc on your teeth. While still mostlly true, recent reserch has suggested that dark chocolate, specially, may defy this outdated rule. In fact, studies conducted in the United States, England, and Janpan are changing the way the world views dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate: A Serious Cavity Fighter

When we eat anything that has a high sugar content, including dark chocolate's counterpart milk chocolate, that sugar is left to hang around on teeth. The bacteria in the mouth love this and start to feed on the sugars. What happens next is where the trouble begins. The feeding bacteria produce an acidic byproduct. This acid, if not neutralized or removed, is what causes tooth enamel to break down and leaves teeth at risk for decay and cavities. However, ingredients and compounds found in dark chocolate don't allow this to occur, which makes it an a-ok treat in our book.

dark chocolate

How Does it All Work?

If we eat a piece of dark chocolate, we're still exposing our teeth to the sugar content. However, the compounds found in the cocoa bean husk, which is a primary ingredient in dark chocolate, help counteract the damaging effects of sugar. These special compounds fight off both the bacteria that would normally feed on the sugar and produce acid as well as any plaque.

Remember, Dark Chocolate is Good Chocolate

While we'd love to be able to tell you eating all types of chocolate is beneficial for your oral health, it's just not ture. These studies that support the health benefits of chocolate are dedicated specifically to dark chocolate for the best protection.

Following a well balanced diet of fruits, veggies, grains, and dairy is also important for not only oral health, but whole body health too. But the good news is that we now have a delicious and healthy option for dessert or quick sweet tooth fixes. If you'd like to find more dark chocolate option, click me.

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