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Easter chocolate — are you ready?


Published by Admin June 11,2022

Easter chocolate is coming - are you ready? Our Easter Chocolate Bunny and Eggs are perfect for children to have fun and happiness during Easter.

Easter chocolate

The beautiful Easter Chocolate Bunny - sweet and delicate will make you have an unforgettable and sweet Easter. Because we care about the environment and the ocean, we choose plastic-free packaging, and plastic-free Easter chocolate rabbits and eggs are an important step in re-preserving the original environment for our children.

Gorgeous and beautiful Easter eggs combine beautiful milk chocolate with delicious milk chocolate and filled with small Easter eggs.

Easter chocolate

Wild Eggs - Our Chocolate Wild Eggs are made using our best-selling chocolate bars - made by the Jane Chocolate Factory. Made from raw materials from wild cocoa trees in the Amazon rainforest. This is a vegetarian egg - delicate chocolate with a tangy aroma. Ideal for those who want to live in the wild or who care about plant life.

Easter chocolate eggs and rabbits should be the most popular candy, during which time each family is busy preparing their own gifts in the kitchen, they buy their beloved chocolates and eggs from the chocolate market in the basket, with them Carefully prepared gifts are given to your loved ones!

Easter chocolate

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