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Chocolate cake for everybody


Published by Admin June 11,2022

Since I was a child, chocolate cake  has been a regular feature in my life. But now I'm really serious about it.

Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake, it was the best thing you could have when you got home from school when i was young. We hardly took the time to pull our schoolbags off our backs before tucking in. My mum almost always had one. Cut the chocolate cake, filling your mouth with sponge and buttercream was incredibly satisfying. You ate the cares of the day away with a chocoate cake, this time you are lying in the ocean of sweet chocolate.

There was nothing expensive about this chocolate cake. No bars of melted chocolate went into it.It was made with raw cocoa powder (and, on occasion, even one piece dark chocolate)

Chocolate cake

A great chocolate cake is a kind of holy grail and there is a type for every mood and occasion. I still do one based on my mum's, though now I top it with a ganache (darling) – you always need a chocolate cake that is perfect with a glass of milk. And I even – just in time – have a chocolate cake for Birthday.

Chocolate cake



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