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Six reasons why real chocolate is good for health


Published by Admin March 06,2023

Real chocolate – high in cocoa powder, which helps our health

real chocolate

Health Benefit 1: Antioxidant Support
Real chocolate contains many flavonoids. These antioxidants are also found in fruits, vegetables and red wines and are valuable anti-disease substances. Surprisingly, chocolate is a powerful disease-resistant food.

Health Benefit 2: Lowering blood pressure
Cocoa flavanols also lower blood pressure, similar to ACE inhibitors. These flavanols stimulate the body's nitrous oxide production, reducing heart pressure. Although the effect is small, continuous chocolate consumption can reduce the risk of heart disease.

real chocolate

Health Benefits 3: Liver Health
Because real chocolate has a positive effect on blood pressure, it is also good for your liver. Modern research supports the positive effects of chocolate on liver blood flow. It can even prevent long-term liver damage if consumed regularly.

Health Benefits 4: Preventing Cancer
Experts believe that cocoa contains anti-cancer substances. The pentameric proanthocyanidins - also known as pentamers - can disrupt the spread of cancer cells. Although the support rate is low, researchers at the Lombardi Integrated Cancer Center have discovered the positive effects of real chocolate on cancer proteins.

real chocolate

Health Benefits 5: Cough Control
Many people claim that real chocolate can prevent coughing (which we have tried). Theobromine contained in chocolate seems to reduce the activity of the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve triggers a cough when activated, but its sensitivity can be reduced if treatment is continued. Although it is only a small benefit, it is also a benefit. If you are sick or itchy in your throat, consider trying some real chocolate. It tastes better than cough syrup!

real chocolate

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